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AYSO Region 422 - Ogden Valley

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July Meeting Minutes

AYSO Region 422

July Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, July 26, 2005 6:00 p.m.




In attendance: Michael Sansone, Joanne Hedges, Natalie Shupp, Michelle Bassett, Brian Bliss, Cathy Dowell, Rebecca Burkhalter, Leilani Gauchat, Kay Larrison, Annette Satterthwaite.        


Excused:  Melanie Judd, Darnelle Earl, Laura Warburton and Cindy Hillstrom


Michael introduced the new board members and their new positions on the board:


Joanne Hedges – U5/U6 division coordinator, Annette Satterthwaite – U10 division coordinator,  Cathy Dowell – U8 division coordinator, Brian Bliss – Regional Coach Administrator, Natalie Shupe – Asst. Referee Administrator, Rebecca Burkhalter – Asst. Regional Commissioner (Exec), Sabrina Peart – Safety Director, Kim Poulson – Assistant  Registrar, John Larrision – Director of Fields/Equipment.   All were voted in unanimously by the board.


The breakdowns for the Asst. RC’s responsibilities are as follows:

Kay – RRA, RCA, Safety Director, and field coordinators. 

Rebecca – CVPA, Treasurer, Registrar and Division Coordinators.


Michael met with the Roy and Clearfield RC’s and has finished the U14 and Co-ed inter-league schedules.  The U14 will play all of their games at home with no travel.  The Co-ed teams will play three away games in the fall and three in the spring with the rest being home games.  Michael will also be contacting South Weber, Ogden and North Ogden to see if they would like to join the COED schedule.  Michael will be meeting with Jana from the Morgan Area to see about inter-league play with them for the U10 and U12 teams.  All U5 through U8 teams will play at home only.


We have approximately 24 openings left and a waiting list will be taken after the divisions are filled.  The Registrar will be taking care of this.  Michael said that if they got enough players to create one whole team, that he would make that team and include them in the spring schedules.


All board members need to go online to and fill out the online volunteer form, even if they have filled out the manual form in the last couple of months.  In order for the board members to be recognized on the EAYSO Region board list and to be given their system permissions, the form must be filled out online.  If you have not taken Safehaven, please go to the Region’s website at  and click on the link to take the Safehaven course.  It is only 1- 1 hrs long versus having to sit through the course which is 3 hours long.  All volunteers must be Safehaven certified and have a current volunteer form completed.  Michael asked that everyone complete this before the next board meeting in August.  


Michael requested the board to look over and modify if necessary, then approve the new Calendar of Events that will be sent the Area and Section Directors.


Changes:  Cindy contacted Michael prior to the meeting to request that the times be moved up for the August 20th Basic referee Course/Safehaven to take place from 8am – 4pm instead of the original 10am – 6pm.  The Coaches orientation & Clinic will also be moved to Aug 20th. 


Michael asked the board how they felt about moving up the picture day from the spring to the fall.  He stated that when this was done in his previous Clearfield region that many parents liked the move.  Pros were that the parents didn’t have to come up with Registration money for each child and pictures all on the same day.  Cathy mentioned that the weather may be nicer in the fall than in the spring as well.  Natalie had a concern that in the past, when pictures are taken in the spring and they come in late or after the end of the season, the coaches have a hard time getting the pictures to the parent.  Rebecca stated that by moving the picture day to the fall season, that this would alleviate that problem, since the coaches would have the spring season to get them to the parents.   The board voted unanimously to change the picture day from spring to fall beginning this year.  The new picture day would be Sept. 24th. 


Fundraiser – in addition to Huntsville’s annual tournament, Michael suggested a beef jerky fundraiser to raise funds for better equipment, to pay for needed training for board members, coaches and referees, and to eventually put money away in a savings account to meet National’s requirements of between $5 to $12 per child.  Michael will be sitting down with the Treasurer to find out what is in the checking and savings accounts to find out where the monies will need to be appropriated to.  Farr West Outfitters who is the supplier for the jerky, will paying for all copies of the order sheets, cover letters to the parents, and the coach’s master copies.  They will also be paying for the incentives of a soccer ball and $25 gift certificate for those that sell 25 bags and 50 bags respectively.  There is no cost to the region for the fundraiser and the region will profit $5.75 on each bag or jar sold.   All orders would be turned by the coaches on Sept. 24th at the same location as the picture day.  The monies will be counted and a check cut to Farr West Outfitters for the jerky purchase and all proceeds will remain in the region checking account.  There was a concern brought up by Natalie that we make sure that the product is back in time to give to coaches before the last game of the season.  The fundraiser was unanimously approved by the board.  


New Region All-Star Requirements were presented.  The 3 requirements are: a current volunteer form updated on EAYSO.  Coach Safehaven certification. And the successfully completion the Intermediate Coaching Clinic.  The next clinic will be held on October 27th – 29th.  Location, time and instructor to be named at a later date.  Those times and the location will be put on the region’s website at as soon as the information is received by the Area/Section staff.  The board unanimously approved the new requirements.


Coaches meeting will be held on Saturday, August 20th at Huntsville Park from 9am to 10:30am. The U6, U8 and U10 coaches’ clinic will be held immediately after from 10:30am to 1:30pm.   Michael stated that he and Brian will be calling to obtain coaches in this next week.  Of the 50 or so that marked on the registration form that they would coach; only 20 have volunteered.  Michael also stated that he and Brian would be developing a player evaluation.  This will assist the EAYSO program in better balancing teams.   


Michael used EAYSO to create the teams randomly based on school and experience.  For the older U16/U19 Coed teams, he made sure that they had an even balance of 16 year olds to the older 17 and 18 years olds as well as equal number of girls per team.  This is the new system that National is requiring regions to use to both register players and volunteers, as well as create teams, request class rosters, etc.  Once the player evaluations are entered into the system, this form of random team creation will better meet the AYSO philosophy of balanced teams as well as make less work for the board staff as well.  Michael will be meeting tomorrow morning at 10am at the library with the division coordinators to separate the white copies to their appropriate teams and attempt to honor all of the special requests.


Kay let us know that the uniforms have been shipped.  The board voted for the Italy style and they cost $13.95 for the jersey, short and socks.  Cathy asked why we went with a more expensive uniform rather that the cheapest we could get.  Being they are only used approximately 15 times, and are ordered new each year, why we would go with a more expensive one.   In the past, when we purchased really cheap uniforms, they fell apart and didn’t make it through the full season.   Rebecca suggested that the board request 2 or 3 style jersey to be sent to the region from Score to see what they like best as far as quality and durability. 


Michael asked if everyone saw the newspaper article in the Ogden Valley News for the last push of the open registration.  The article also promoted the new Region website.


Soccerfest will be held on Saturday, August 6th at Fisher Park in Clearfield.  There are currently 18 kids signed up from Region 422 that will be attending.  Kids attending Soccerfest will play three games, receive a t-shirt and be fed pizza for lunch.  Soccerfest is for children in division U8 and above.


Michael thanked all of the volunteers for stepping up and assisting the region.  The more volunteers on the board, the less work for everyone as the wealth is spread more evenly!



Meeting adjourned at 7:15pm.


Next meeting will be on Tuesday, August 30th at the Huntsville library at 6:00PM.