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AYSO Region 422 - Ogden Valley

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Feb 2006 Minutes


FEBRUARY 21, 2006   6:00 PM



In Attendance:  Michael, Kay, John, Rebecca, Melanie, Kim, Michelle, Kathy, Ann, Sabrina, and Holly. 


Michael introduced everyone to Holly Beck as most of the staff was new to her.  She has decided to step down as the Soccerfest Coordinator for personal reasons, but would like to be called to help for things like Registration, picture days etc.  She wants to help the region any way she can but she cannot commit to a board position at this time.


Kristen Bliss offered to take the Referee Administrator position at Section meeting in January.  Michael put up for nominating her and Kay seconded the vote and it passed with all in favor.   She will start working with Cindy immediately to help get ready for the spring season and start the training process.


MLS Camp – Michael will be the current contact for the MLS Camp this year.  He also informed the board that they had signed a four year agreement with them and this was the last year of the agreement.  Kay stated that at the end of the camp, they always asked us to re-up for the next year.  Michael said that he will be inviting a couple of different camps around July of this year to make a presentation to the board and the board would decide on a camp at that time.    Michael stated that the camp would be either $95 or $100 dollars and would include a T-shirt, ball and an MLS coach on a 1-15 ratio for the U8 and above camps.   (Update – The actual camp cost is only $80)   All camp participants get to have a stadium graduation at a ReAL SLC MLS game.


Michael proposed to the board about purchasing 4 season tickets for the ReAL Salt Lake.  One set of 2 would be used in conjunction with the new Referee incentive program and would be raffled off from the signed game cards that are turned in each week by the refs.  The second set of tickets would be used as a gift of appreciation for the board members to be raffled off at each board meeting by all of those in attendance.  Michael proposed and Cindy seconded and the board voted all in favor for purchase of the tickets.  Michael also proposed that the first set of 4 tickets be donated as a gift of appreciation to Lei Lani and her family for all of the hard work and many years that they assisted the region.  Michael proposed and Kay seconded.  The board voted all in favor. 




Rebecca passed out a registration packet that she, Kim and Michelle put together.  The packet had the layout for the upcoming registration days as well as the volunteer position requirements that the board approved last board meeting, a copy of what is going on the website in regards to registration, a copy front and back of the registration flyer, and a copy of the division coordinator instructions on how they will be receiving early bird and regular registrations this season.  Rebecca went over the “how-to’s” with the board and let them know that we will be requesting all registrations and volunteer forms to be done online.  This will provide both security for the player’s and volunteer’s information and A LOT less work for our Registrar and CVPA for data entry.  When a volunteer uses the online volunteer form, it will xxx-xx-xxxx out their Social Security and driver’s license numbers both in the system and on the printed forms.  The only people who will have access to those numbers will be the CVPA division of NSTC down in Los Angeles.  No local board members will be allowed access to this information for any reason.   The Social Security numbers and Driver’s license number will be required on ALL volunteer forms this year with no exceptions!  The National office has told us that no volunteer form will be accepted without this information, so if the form is incomplete, the volunteer will not be able to volunteer.  This information is required to perform the required background check by National.  This is for the protection of the children.




The Spring coach’s postcard was passed around to the board.  It will be sent to each coach letting them know of the mandatory coaches meeting on March 21st at 7 p.m. in the Huntsville library.   There will be one set of 2 ReAL Salt Lake tickets raffled off at this meeting as well.   Michael has let Brian know that all coaches must be contacted NLT March 6th about the U12 coaches clinic if they want to coach a tournament team this year.  The U12 Coaches Clinic will be held on March 11th at West Clinton Elementary School.  Rick Bowles will be the POC.  There will also be an intermediate coaches clinic held on March 16th, 17th & 18th.  This will be required for those U12 and above coaches who wish to be an All Star Coach.  Selena Hart is the POC.



TOURNAMENT NEWS - The tournament will be June 22nd through the 25th this year.


Melanie has been retrieving all of the region’s sponsors for the tournament each year.   This year, Michael would like each member of the board to recruit one sponsor for the region and/or the tournament instead of putting that burden on one person.  He will be drafting up a sponsorship letter to be given to sponsors to let them know of the different levels of sponsorship we have and what incentives they receive as a sponsor.    He will present this to the board at the March board meeting.  


Kay and Michael have asked Sabrina if she would be the Wagon Master for the Tournament this year.  Sabrina accepted. (update – Ann Montgomery has accepted to be Sabrina’s assistant)




  • Scott thanked the regional board members for supporting ReAL SLC by committing to buying season tickets.
  • Scott talked about the benefits of X-change program and how regions like ours could benefit by earning equipment or free camps based on the total amount we as a region purchase.  The minimum amount is $10,000 that the region would need to buy within a year’s time. 





Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.  Next meeting on March 21st at 6 pm.