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AYSO Region 422 - Ogden Valley

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Oct 2006 minutes

Region 422 board meeting

Oct 12th 2006 – 6 p.m. Ogden Valley Library



Positions are as follows: Jeannie Johnson for Safety/Marketing/Promotions, Liz Roberts for CVPA, and Val Archuleta for RRA.  Doug Spainhower is just Assistant RC now.  Though he is recruiting a Field Coordinator like crazy.  You may choose an assistant RCA.  Doug was just overwhelmed.  I'd still love to see Bryan Bliss in our board.  Doug might like to stay on as assistant but I don't think  vice versa.  Maybe you guys could talk it out.  Minutes to the meeting are below:



August 11th Board meeting. Present were: Sabrina Peart, Doug Spainhower, Charlot Lowe, Jamie Froerer, Liz Roberts.

1. Sabrina did introductions. The meeting was opened up for nominations, Charlot Lowe nominated Liz Roberts for CVPA.  Jamie Froerer seconded Doug Spainhower Third... all were in favor and she was voted in.  Sabrina Peart nominated Val Archuleta for the RRA position, Charlot Lowe seconded, Liz Roberts seconded and Jamie Froerer third... and she was unanimously voted in.  Sabrina nominated Jeannie Johnson as Safety Director/Marketing/ Promotions and Doug Spainhower seconded, Charlot Lowe third and she was voted in.  Sabrina nominated Michael Sansone for the RCA position and Doug Spainhower seconded,  Liz Roberts Third and the vote being unanimous he was voted in.  The votes being unanimous in all cases we moved on to other business.


2. Sabrina talked about pictures coming out in time to be given out at the final games which have been moved due to UEA to OCT 21st and OCT 19th.  All coaches have been notified but we will get in touch with the newly appointed RCA to see if he will double check and make sure they have called their teams and rescheduled play for those dates.  Picture's from Tot shots should have been delivered to each coach in time to be delivered to players on final game day.

2. b. Note:  The plaques that were sent out to the coaches in the picture packets either could be left off next time due to budget or sent to the RCA to be given out at a closing of the season day where coaches could be recognized publicly for their efforts rather than sent directly to coaches as a promotions opportunity.  All agreed that a closing day ceremony with recognition for volunteers would be a great idea.  We will contact Brent with Tot Shots about sending those plaques to the RCA or RC rather than the coaches for presentation at such an event.  This is something that Jeannie Johnson will pay special attention to as she will be handling promotions.


3. Only Doug Spainhower and Sabrina Peart were interested in going to sectional meetings since the others present had family obligations.  The RC has asked for 24 spots in the financial papers hoping to get perhaps 15.  In the event that we do get that many we would like to invite coaches and other volunteers to come.  There are many more on the board who were unable to attend who are interested in attending section meeting who have talked to the RC privately. 


4. Liz Roberts was concerned with getting her training and mentioned that she would like to receive it as soon as possible but would be unable to go to section meetings to train.  Sabrina said she would see if Section trainers could find a way to give her training.


5. Division Coordinator Jamie Froerer said that she would be calling all her U/5 6 coaches to make sure they called their teams to delay August 12th's  play until the following Thursday due to UEA. 


6. A Budget account was given from memory by Sabrina, however it was inaccurate and she promised to email an accurate accounting to board members. Or ask the treasurer to do the same.


7. The Referee Clinic was discussed in some detail and the date set.  November 7th and 14th from 6pm to 10 pm. Taught by Carol Ladaumus and attended by North Ogden and Morgan Regions as well.  It will be held at the Huntsville Elementary, Sabrina having secured permission from Tommy Lee.  This is the Basic Referee training that will take two four hour sessions to complete.  We will be mailing out flyers using the area postage as will Morgan and North Ogden. Sabrina will make up the fliers, pick up the area postage which leaves our posting free. Doug will print out the Labels. 


8. A two year Calendar was discussed.  Doug and Sabrina will work on getting one formulated and submitted to our Webmaster.


9.  Board meeting attendance and/or the lack thereof was discussed and we talked about the incentives.  We used tickets to ReAL last year and wondered if other incentives... i.e. a nice restaurant dinner for two, a $30 gift certificate to a nearby store etc., would be more of an incentive to get board members to attend board meetings.  Jamie Froerer said that she thought if you volunteered to do something, it seemed only the responsible thing to do, to be at the meetings and that incentives were nice but that it seemed sad.  All present agreed.  However, we discussed the ReAL tickets and how many were actually used and hoped to come up with an incentive that all would benefit from.  Some expressed their feelings that their spouses wouldn't attend a ReAL game.  We tabled discussion for another time.  Board meeting was closed at 7:00 pm. Our Next Board meeting will be on Nov. 8th. 




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