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AYSO Region 422 - Ogden Valley

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Jan 2007 Meeting minutes


Meeting Minutes for Jan 17th 2007


Our meeting last night covered the RRA getting ready for her responsibilities.  Thank you Gina!  We tried to get signatures for the Regional Assessment Program, and we tried to  find out who was serious about going to section.  We have enough in our budget to pay for tuition and board for six, but it appears that only Doug and Melanie are going.  If you have intentions to go, please let Melanie know immediately. 


If there are requests for board position changes, if age division coordinators want to move, please talk amongst yourselves and see if that's a possibility. Generally those positions are held for a full year, more if possible to keep trained people in the areas we need most.  You understand the complexity of the position.  This year - All money and Registrations (after initial registrations) will be sent to Michelle Bassett.  This will reduce confusion and hopefully increase revenue.  Please attend and encourage to attend the Ref Clinic on the 27th. 8 am to 4...


We talked a lot about Spring Registrations.  Jeannie Johnson who is managing advertising as well as Safety will be putting something in the paper for April 1st and 15th, She'll get the banners ready and up and put out flyers.  We need lots of PR on this to get our numbers up.  I'm sure she'd appreciate any ideas or help.  If there is anyone on the Elementary PTA who could get something into their newsletter for us, please contact Jeannie.  Jeannie Johnson <>


Kim Poulson and Michelle Basset - I need to hear if you are ready for registration?  Are you taking the steps necessary?  We've decided that the Division Coordinators will have money and registrations sent to Michelle and that way we don't have Melanie and Michelle wondering if the other got registration or money for either.  To that end I will have envelopes made just for Michelle for the Division Coordinators.  We have yet to find a CVPA so suggestions would be appreciated.  Michelle or Kim - If you have the paper - we could use some for the flyers and misc. AYSO needs.  Please contact me via cell at 721-5720 as my computer will be in the shop....


If anyone has news of the Huntsville Park renovations Please contact me. 


Lei Lani, I'd like to hear from the tournament committee about how things are shaping up. 


Michael are you planning on a workshop for the coaches for spring?  Please say yes.  How many do you think we can get intermediate trained by All Star time 

As I stated earlier, My computer is going in for an overhaul... I can receive emails on my phone... though short ones... better to call me if you need to, and Michelle and Kim - Please do!  721-5720

Holly Beck- we need to talk about your goals for soccer camp

NEXT BOARD MEETING IS FEB 21ST  MANDATORY ATTENDANCE  is there a nice way of saying Please please please all board members make this meeting a priority? 

Thanks a ton!