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High Valley Shootout

Tournament Rules
Tournament Rules
Tournament Registration
Facilities in Ogden Valley
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1.    This tournament  will comply with the National Tournament Handbook and Section 9                                                                                        Tournament Rules and Regulations.

Uniforms: Player’s uniforms shall include the traditional AYSO logo on the jersey and shall adhere fully to the National Rules and Regulations (current version).  The AYSO logo must be affixed to their uniform by an iron-on patch, screen print, or sew-on patch (No Stick-on patches will be accepted).  Non-AYSO teams do not have this requirement.


TEAM SIZE: Maximum numbers of players allowed per team in each division are as follows:






8-1-97    TO  7-31-99

10 players maximum (7 V 7)

7 on the field


8-1-95  TO  7-31-97

15 players maximum (11 V 11)

11 on the field




8-1-93  TO  7-31-95

15 players maximum (11 V 11)

U-`19 co-ed

8-1-88  TO  7-31-93

18 players maximum (11 V 11) max of 6 U-19

       players and min of 3 girls on the field


3.     Proof of age:  Only a copy of a STATE issued birth certificate will be accepted as proof of age and must be available upon request at each game.


4.     RED CARDS: Any coach or player red carded by the referee will forfeit the right to play or coach the next scheduled game.  Any team who has had a player red carded will play short for the rest of that game.  2 points will be deducted from the team score the each red card issued and number of red cards issued in all games will be used to calculate total team scores in case of a tie in the standings.


5.     HOME TEAM: Home team shall furnish the game ball and will have choice of field sides.  Spectators are asked to stay on their respective sides.  The home team is the first team listed on the schedule and is required to change shirts in case of color conflicts.  PLEASE BRING AN EXTRA CHANGE OF SHIRT with the AYSO logo.  (This could be a regional team shirt).


6.     BALL SIZE: Division U-16/19 and U-14 will use a standard size 5 ball.  Division U-12 and U-10 will use a standard size 4 ball.


7.             GAME DURATION:            Div.   U-16/19:                      35 minute halves with free subs

Div.    U-14:                             30 minute halves with quarter subs

Div.    U-12:                             30 minute halves with quarter subs

Div.   U-10:                              25 minute halves with quarter subs

         Keep the clock running for quarter subs.

REFEREES: Each Division must provide a "qualified" center  referee or two linesmen to officiate one game for each game played.  All center referees MUST BE intermediate certified and have experience as a center referee or USSF Grade 8 Certification.  Linesmen must  be REGIONAL AYSO certified but intermediate is prefered and be knowledgeable of the offside rule.  It is the responsibility of each coach to verify that their referee assignments were covered by their designated referee.  All referees must have a referee card signed by the Regional Commissioner or Regional Referee Administrator.

Please treat our referees with respect.  They are providing a valuable service.  All decisions by the referee WILL BE FINAL.  NO PROTEST WILL BE ENTERTAINED.

 A referee must check in 30 minutes prior to the game at the field where the game is to be played.  A referee card should be picked up at this time.  This same card must be signed by both referees and turned back in immediately following the game.  Each referee will receive a complimentary fountain drink for each game refereed.  All referee assignments must be filled in order to receive a refund.  Referee deposits will be mailed to you within two weeks of the tournament.

10.  GAMES MUST START ON TIME.  Referees must observe scheduled "start" and "stop" times for games.  Game delays, for any reason, will be taken from the total time of the current game

11.  In the event that play must stop due to inclement weather, one half of a played game will determine the final score.  In the event that of a game has not yet been played, the score at the time the game was stopped will be final.

12.  FORFEIT: Any team that is not ready to play within 10 minutes of scheduled game time will forfeit.  A tournament official or field director and the referee shall make the determination of forfeited game.  A forfeit game will result in a total game score of 6-0 win.

13.  CHECK-IN: Coaches must check in at Field Headquarters, which in at Eden Park on the first day of tournament play at least 30 MINUTES prior to game start.  Prepare to show current AYSO registration with  ID#, roster and player photo I.D. cards.  Any roster changes must be made at this time.  Coaches must also have in their possession birth certificates for each player.  Roster changes cannot be made after check-in, so register all players even though they may not be playing every game.  Alternates may be included on roster but must be identified as "alternate" for the tournament.  Alternates may be played ONLY IN CASE OF ILLNESS OR INJURY to roster player. All coaches must be Intermediate certified and carry a signed coach card with certification and signature.

14.  All teams will play three games for the standings.  Divisions having an odd number of teams will require the host region's team of that division to play four games.  The last of the four games played by the host region's team will not count for the standings.

15.  TIE GAME: There will be no tie games.   If a tie exists at the end of the game, a three- (3) minute rest period will be allowed and then a five- (5) minute overtime period will be played, with each team maintaining their respective sides of the field. Kick-off will be determined by a toss of a coin.   If a tie still exists after the overtime period, a 5 vs. 5 player vs. goalie shootout will decide the match.

Each team will provide 5 different shooters from the players who were on the field at the end of the overtime play.  Teams will alternate shots.  Team winning the coin toss for shootout must shoot first.  If the score is still tied at the end of the first five shooters, five different players who were on the field will be chosen.  If the score remains tied, a "sudden death" shootout with any five shooters alternating shots will continue until one team gains the advantage.  That team will then be declared the winner of the game.

b.             The ball will be placed at the center point of the field, 50 yards from the goal

c.             The goalie will start on the goal line.

d.             The offender will be placed with the ball at the 50-yard line.

              e.               At the sound of the referee's whistle the offender has 10 seconds to keep the ball in

                             bounds and score the shot.

1.     The ball must cross completely over the goal line before the 10 seconds expire to be counted as a goal.

2.    If the ball goes out of bounds, there is no score.

f.              During the 10-second period, the ball will be played according to standard AYSO rules.

1.     Foul charged against offender will result in no score.

2.     Foul charged against the defender will be treated as a penalty (yellow or red cards will be issued if necessary) and the shot will be replayed.

g.     The teams will take alternate turns until each team has had five shots on goal or gained advantage.

h.     Shootout goals determine the winner of the game.  The winning team will have one point added to the game score so there are no ties. 


16.  STANDINGS: Qualifying for the championship round will be determined by the following point system:

WIN: 6 points

LOSS: 0 points

GOALS: I point per goal, 3 maximum

RED CARD: 1-point deduction & player will not be allowed to play the following game

In the event of ties in the standings, they will be broken as follows:

a.             Goals scored (maximum of 3 per game)

b.             Least goals scored against.

c.             Head to head record.

d.            LEAST RED CARDS

Points still tied will result in a shootout held one-half hour prior to championship game.


All teams playing on Saturday will receive an award at the field played on.    (See enclosed schedule.)


17.          SUBSTITUTIONS: Per the AYSO National Tournament Manual, substitutions will be allowed at quarters.  Referees will be responsible for stopping the game at the quarter time to accommodate substitutions.  Div. U-16/19 will use free substitutions.  Coaches are encouraged to be prepared to make substitutions within 30 seconds.  All substitutions will enter and leave the field of play at the halfway line.  The "EVERYONE PLAYS" philosophy applies.  Each player must play at least half of a game.  


Free substitutions will be used in U19/U16 only.

Free subs may be made at the following times

1.     Prior to a throw in: your team’s advantage.

2.     Prior to a goal kick: either team.

3.     Prior to a kick off: either team.

4.     After an injury time out: either team.

5.     Player receiving a yellow card: at normal stoppage of play- referee’s discretion.


U14, U12 & U10 will sub at quarters only.

Referees of these games will be authorized to call a water/rest break at the half of each quarter that will last 1-2 minutes. Players must remain on the field during this time out. This is authorized to take place in case of extreme heat and is not intended as a time for additional coaching of the team.  A member from the board will be at each field to monitor all the substitutions.



18.   BLOOD BORNE PATHOGEN PROCEDURE: The following procedure will be followed to minimize the risk of infection by blood-borne diseases:


a.     Any player or official who is bleeding must leave the field of play to receive medical treatment, and may not return until the situation is corrected (the bleeding is stopped and the wound is covered).

If there is blood on the uniform, the individual may not return until that portion of the uniform is replaced or the blood has been neutralized in accordance with local Emergency Medical Services procedures or other acceptable medical procedures.