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High Valley Shootout 2010

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Schedules 2010 - Updated 7/11/10
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Referee Schedules!

SUNDAY ....7/11/10  



If you do not see your schedule yet, please do NOT call and/or email! These are being uploaded as fast as possible considering additional teams were just added YESTERDAY and I am also scheduling refs.   Please be patient!

Each division upload takes quite some time with our current system. When we migrate to "Clubspaces", this should be an easier task, but until then....playing with HTML.  

CO-ED UP:   1:30 PM 7/11/10 Sunday.

U14 Boys :   2:21 PM  7/11/10

U14 Girls:     3:23 PM 

U12 Boys: 4:08 pm

U12 Girls: 4:56 pm

Dear Coach/Regional Commissioner,

Welcome to the 2010 Tournament!  We are moving forward with registrations...if HQ makes any changes to the paperwork, we will pass that along ASAP!!  Otherwise, good to go!


This is a Wed- SATURDAY Tournament.  if anything reads differently in this packet, this is the overriding timeframe!  July 14-17th, 2010. Hope to see you here!

Remember that you can bring your bathing suits, boats and BBQs, tents and campers! Feel free to enjoy our new scenic path around the lake or many hikes in the mountains, as well as the beach at the lake. There are bikes to rent at Diamond peak, or just take a leisurely stroll1! We are working on getting some music playing at the main field as well as having various vendors to visit.  Make it a mini-vacation! We would love for you to stay the night and enjoy our lovely valley.    

NOTE: This tournament is being held at the same time of the LDS Church's Spectacular/extravaganza at Weber State.  If you have a team that will be missing more than 3 players because they are in the extravaganza, please note this on your application.  We wish to schedule these teams earlier in the day(s) so that the players have time to rest and get ready for their performances!  Thank you for coming to our tournament! 

If you would like this entire packet sent to you via email, please contact Gina Gonzalez at  Any other questions: Gina 801-544-6829.   Have fun!

Sponsored by AYSO Region 422 Ogden Valley, UT

17th Annual

AYSO 422 High Valley Shootout             Open Invitational Tournament

Team Invitation

Hello, Coaches!

AYSO Region 422 is proud to invite your team to the 17th  Annual AYSO 422 High Valley Shootout Open Invitational Tournament


AYSO Open Invitational – open to AYSO teams from all Sections and Non AYSO Teams.


Wed, Thursday, Friday, Saturday  July 14 through July 17, 2010 – Rain Dates none


The tournament will be held at the Eden, Huntsville, Liberty and Snowcrest JHS Soccer Fields.  There is no charge for parking. No pets are allowed at fields.


AYSO and Non-AYSO boys and girls teams in age divisions: U-19, U-16 (11v11) 18 players max. U-14 (11v11) 15 players max. U-12 (9v9) 12 players max. and U-10 (7v7) 10 players max. All players must have been registered to play in their organizations just completed primary season. Guest players will be allowed (3 maximum per team). Co-ed teams will be accepted in boys’ divisions only.


Pool play tournament. Each team will be guaranteed 3 games in pool play. The top teams will advance to the medal round on Saturday. All games will be as follows: (70 min. for U-19 & U-16, 60 min. for U-14, 50 min for U-12, and 40 min for U-10).


The AYSO 422 High Valley Shootout Open Invitational Tournament is being conducted as a fundraiser by Region 422 to raise funds for Field Development, Equipment, & Maintenance, and to provide Scholarship funds for youths in Region 422.


All players and 2 coaches per team will receive a tournament t-shirt and pin. All players on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th place teams will receive a trophy or medal.

Entry Fee, Refunds:

$250 for U-19 & U-16, $225 for U-14, $225 for U-12, and $200 for U-10. A full refund will be issued if tournament is canceled and cannot be rescheduled. If a team withdraws 30 or more days before the tournament, a full refund is given. Within 30 days of the tournament, no refund is provided unless a replacement team is found.

Referee Deposit, Refunds:

$150, refundable within 14 days of the tournament, if referee assignments have been completed. Each team is asked to provide a qualified 3-person referee team to cover 3 games during the tournament. Partial refunds will be given based upon the number of game slots completed.


A full set of tournament rules are posted on the tournament website.


The application deadline is June 25, 2010. All teams will be notified within 48 hrs. of the application deadline or receipt of application (whichever is latest) as to their status. Teams that are not accepted will be given the option to have their complete application returned or to be placed on the waiting list.


Team entry applications and all necessary forms are available on the tournament website.
Please send 1 Region / Organization check to cover both the Team Entry and Referee fees, along with the tournament application, referee information form, and team roster to the Tournament Registrar address below. Regional Commissioner or Organization President/Registrar must sign application and team roster. Appropriate referee administrator must sign referee information form. See referee form for details. Make region or organization account check payable to: AYSO Region 422 Tournament


Tournament Registrar – Chris Poulson

AYSO High Valley Shooutout

P.O. Box 614

Eden, UT 84310


Kathy Nelson 801-391-0698


Web site





8-1-99  TO  7-31-01

10 players maximum (7 V 7)

7 on the field


8-1-97  TO  7-31-99

12 players maximum (9 V 9)

9 on the field


8-1-95  TO  7-31-97

15 players maximum (11 V 11)

U-19 co-ed

8-1-90  TO  7-31-95

18 players maximum (11 V 11) max of 6

U-19  players and min of 3 girls on the field