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High Valley Shootout 2010

Referee Schedules!

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Referee Schedules!

All final ref schedules will be at the registration booth at time of check in.

For youth refs, we are scheduling around their games and attempting to keep their schedules as close to game time as possible. Please be patient and be aware that we do our best, but there are NO guarantees!

Please check back here on Wed. before you leave for the games.  IF, and I really mean "IF", I have time to get the ref schedules up ONLY for the teams bringing refs, I will do that.  Come back and will be a miracle if they get here...but stranger things have been known to happen!

Region 126: 

U10G  Chaos - Baker
  1. Chris Palmer - Regional Ref.  

Region 51: 
U10G  Blaze
  1. Carol Ouellette - Intermediate Ref

Region 198 and 286
Team 1
Team 2 : coed Fuego
Team 3: coed Pribble

  1. Eddie Edens - Intermediate
  2. Tyrone Pribble - Intermediate or Advanced
  3. Maddison Edens - Regional
  4. hopefully many more from your team!

Region 126
U10 Boys - Alan Christensen/Judson Pitts

Region 354
U10 - Rick Stevens
  1. Rick Stevens - Intermediate
  2. Steve Crosby - Intermediate
  3. need 2 more a/r to get full refund!
Region 343
U10 Boys - Isaacson
U14 Boys -Isaacson