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High Valley Shootout 2010

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AYSO High Valley Shootout
Youth Referee Letter

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Youth Referee Name:
Current Age
Date of Birth:
AYSO Badge Level:
Certification Date:
Representing Tournament Team:
Team Name:
Coach Name:

Age Division:


















Youth referees must carry a copy of this letter with them at all times and present it to any Tournament Officials upon request. Youth referees also must either have a parent/guardian present at all times, or must have a copy of their Youth Volunteer Registration Form attached to this Letter.


  • High Valley Shootout requires that Youth Referees have this letter of authorization from their respective Regional Referee Administrator, certifying that they are skilled and experienced to handle the rigors of a competitive tournament game.
  • High Valley Shootout further requires that the Youth Referee be at least 2 years older than the age group for which they are officiating, and further that they are not a player on a team that is currently entered in the High Valley Shootout Tournament.



Regional Referee Administrator Information:






Regional Referee Administrator’s Name


Phone Number



I understand that a highly competitive tournament like the High Valley Shootout generates a great deal of excitement and rigorous play that present a unique challenge to any referee. As a youth referee, there is an increased level of challenge due to the scrutiny that a youth referee is subjected to.

Nevertheless, I certify that this Youth Referee is a member in good standing from my Region, that s/he is skilled and experienced to referee games up to the level indicated below, and that s/he is at least 2 years older than the age group indicated:











Skill level as a Center Referee (check all that apply)









Skill level as an Assistant Referee (check all that apply)














RRA Signature and date (Blue ink please)



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