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High Valley Shootout

Tournament Rules
Tournament Registration
Facilities in Ogden Valley
High Valley Shootout Sponsors
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Dear Coach/Regional Commissioner,


We are pleased to announce the fifteenth annual High Valley Shootout, to be played in the beautiful Ogden Valley, with playing fields located in the country settings of Ogden Valley communities - Eden, Liberty & Huntsville.

We extend an invitation to you to participate in the Ogden Valley AYSO Region 422 sponsored tournament.  The tournament dates are June 25, 26, 27, and 28th.   Your team is guaranteed a three game play.  This tournament will be an AYSO open tournament for U10-U19, and is open to all teams who meet the tournaments requirements with priority given to all Regional “Select” AYSO teams first.  All AYSO team players must be registered with the National Office.  All UYSA Teams must be registered with UYSA District.  AYSO Coaches are to be intermediate coach certified per Section 9 Guidelines and be AYSO Safe Haven Certified or have an E License from USSF.


All players must be registered in either AYSO or UYSA and have a signed, pictured ID card insuring proper registration and insurance coverage.  The card must be signed by the Regional Commissioner (AYSO) or the District Registrar (UYSA).


High Valley Shootout  will comply with the National Tournament Handbook and Section 9 Tournament Rules and Regulations., with the following exception; U-16/19 may be combined with no more than six U-19 players on the playing field at any one time.  Three of the players on the field must be girls.

AGE DIVISION: All players on a team must have been born in the years shown for that particular division.  The date of birth is the only criteria.  If a question is raised concerning age and a birth certificate is not available, the player in question will not be allowed to participate until a birth certificate is provided.  No player will be allowed to play on more than one team. Each  player entering this tournament must have played in the regular season.  Coaches must provide player cards at check-in to verify team roster.  ROSTER CHANGES MUST BE REGISTERED AT CHECK-IN ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE TOURNAMENT.  Both boys and girls are invited to play.  Younger players may play up except for U8 players, older players MAY NOT play down.






8-1-97   TO  7-31-99

10 players maximum (7 V 7)

7 on the field


8-1-95  TO  7-31-97

15 players maximum (11 V 11)

11 on the field




8-1-93  TO  7-31-95

15 players maximum (11 V 11)

U-19 co-ed

8-1-88  TO  7-31-93

18 players maximum (11 V 11) max of 6 U-19

       players and min of 3 girls on the field